Fun Hidden Object Games on GirlGames.App!

Love looking for hidden objects? We've got some fantastic hidden object games for you on GirlGames.app! Fun Hidden Object Games on GirlGames.App!  large

Put your observational skills to the test and look through various scenes and pictures in search of the ever-elusive hidden objects! Can you find all the hidden items?

1. Hiddentastic Mansion

A more sophisticated hidden object games than most, Hiddentastic Mansion is a hidden object game with a dash of simulation where you'll need to find items and sell off via a garage sale to earn money to renovate your newly-purchased mansion and buy new furniture. Have fun decorating your mansion to your liking!

Play here: https://www.girlgames.app/play/hiddentastic_mansion

2. Hidden Toys

Hidden Toys is a game that offers pretty much exactly what the name implies. The game consists of many different kinds of creatively hidden objects that players will have to find and it’s definitely among the harder games on this list because it actually penalizes players for incorrect clicks. This is the game to check out if you want a more challenging experience.

Play now: https://www.girlgames.app/play/hidden_toys

3. Hidden Classroom

Travel to various classrooms from all around the world and search for hidden objects in this fun little game! The game comes with hints that you can use to identify some particularly difficult-to-spot items but be warned - You'll need to find all the hidden items fast in order to earn the highest score possible!

Play now: https://www.girlgames.app/play/hidden_classroom

4. Animal Differences

Although technically, this isn't a hidden object game, Animal Differences is a find-the-differences game where you'll need to compare two very similar animal pictures and pick out all the differences within just 5 minutes! Of course, to help you, the game offers hints at the cost of points and you can also zoom in or out by long clicking on any part of your screen.

Play now: https://www.girlgames.app/play/animal_differences

5. KuCeng - The Treasure Hunter

For players who are completely new to the hidden object genre, KuCeng - The Treasure Hunter is not only a cute hidden object game; it's a fairly easy game to play as well! Make sure to complete every level within the time limit and don't forget to move the screen from side to side to check the corners for any hidden objects. There are hints for you to use too! Can you help KuCeng the Treasure Hunter find all the objects on his list?

Start searching now: https://www.girlgames.app/play/kuceng_the_treasure_hunter