Best Fashion Games on GirlGames.app

If you love giving people, dollies and avatars gorgeous makeovers, then you’ll definitely like what we have in store, here on GirlGames.app! Best Fashion Games on GirlGames.app large

If you love giving people, dollies and avatars gorgeous makeovers, then you’ll definitely like what we have in store, here on GirlGames.app!

1. Sery Runway Dolly

Sery needs your help! She’s due for the runway at a fashion show and her wardrobe stylist is nowhere to be found. It’s now up to you to help her mix and match a variety of seemingly randomized outfits and accessories so that she can look fabulous on the runway! That’s not all, once you’re done, your work will even be rated by the fashion critics in the audience so you’d know how well you did. The game lets you download your “masterpiece” as well so that you can keep them or share them with your friends!

Prep Sery for the runway now: https://www.girlgames.app/play/sery_runway_dolly

2. Taylor Swift True Make Up

Lend one of the biggest pop stars in the world a hand as her personal makeup and wardrobe assistant in this fun makeup game! Taylor Swift True Make Up is not only a fun game for Swifties where they could give their favorite singer a fabulous makeover; if you love makeup games in general, you’ll want to give this game a try - There are just so many options!

Give Taylor Swift the best makeover: https://www.girlgames.app/play/taylor_swift_true_make_up

3. Fashion Yo!!

Unlike the previous fashion games we’ve recommended, Fashion Yo!! has a lot more going for it and is definitely more fleshed out as a game. Besides being able to dress your cute avatar up in fantastic outfits and letting you create more than 1 avatar, the game comes with a ton of fun and exciting mini-games; games that you can play to earn in-game currency called Licash, and also achievements. With more Licash, you can then buy even more outfits and accessories for your avatar. This is the sort of game you can spend hours in and still have a great time playing it!

Play fun mini-games to buy cool outfits: https://www.girlgames.app/play/fashion_yo

4. Christmas Costume

Even though Christmas is technically over, you can still feel the Christmas spirit in this Christmas-themed fashion game, Christmas Costume! Have fun dressing the doll up in various beautiful clothes and accessories, giving her some nice makeup and getting her an elegant haircut. You can even try to recreate the look that Elsa from Disney’s Frozen has by mixing and matching items!

A fun Christmas-themed dress-up game you’ll want to play: https://www.girlgames.app/play/christmas_costume

5. Fairy Princess

Almost every little girl across the world has dreamed of being a princess. Well, although the game won’t turn you into a princess in real life, at least Fairy Princess will let you dress a princess up so you’ll know how you’d look if you are actually a fairytale princess, like those in the movies! Besides having access to a nice selection of dresses and gowns, you can also mix and match an assortment of accessories to go with her dress/gown. Feel free to go to the game’s photo mode to capture a screenshot so you can share the picture with you friends!

Dress a fairy princess up now: https://www.girlgames.app/play/fairy_princess