5 Cute Pet Games on Girlgames.app

Don’t you just adore cute pets? Well, we’ve got some amazingly cute pet games that will just make you go “awwww……”. Check them out! 5 Cute Pet Games on Girlgames.app large

Don’t you just adore cute pets? Well, we’ve got some amazingly cute pet games that will just make you go “awwww……” while you play. Be sure to check them out!

1. Monster Pet

Who doesn’t want to have a cute and adorable monster as a pet? In Monster Pet, not only will you be taking care of it; you’ll get to play a nice variety of mini-games to earn coins as well. These coins can then be spent to buy beautiful new outfits for your pet.

Care for your own monster pet now: https://www.girlgames.app/play/monster_pet

2. Cute Puppy Care

Take in a poor, injured virtual puppy and care for it in Cute Puppy Care! In this game, you don’t only treat the poor animal, you’ll need to give it a bath, treat its wounds, and keep it well-fed as well. Once your puppy is doing better, you can even dress up your new pet friend in cute puppy outfits!

Adopt your digital puppy today: https://www.girlgames.app/play/cute_puppy_care

3. My Fairytale Unicorn

In the digital world, why would you get a realistic pet like a cat or a dog when you can a glorious unicorn as your pet? My Fairytale Unicorn lets you do just that! Learn how to take good care of your magical pet by showering, grooming and cleaning it. You can also give it a gorgeous makeover by adding flowers and ribbons to its hair and dyeing its mane and tail with fantastic rainbow colors!

Take care of your fairytale unicorn: https://www.girlgames.app/play/my_fairytale_unicorn

4. Cutie’s Kitty Rescue

For all the cat lovers out there, we’ve got a game for you as well – Cutie’s Kitty Rescue. In this game, you’ll be helping Cutie with her rescue shelter for kitties, managing the day to day as well as personally treating and taking care of the cute kittens under your care. There are several types of mini-games that you can play and if you complete your daily objectives, you’ll even get to unlock a new level!

Help Cutie with her rescue shelter for adorable kitties: https://www.girlgames.app/play/cuties_kitty_rescue

5. Animal Daycare Pet Vet

In Animal Daycare Pet Vet, you play as a veterinarian who owns and runs a daycare center for pets! Here, you’ll need to treat various animals, from the common household pets to more exotic pets like monkeys, and make sure that they are alright. Don’t forget to feed them too!

Run your own animal daycare center: https://www.girlgames.app/play/animal_daycare_pet_vet